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Are all OBDII to USB cables the same?

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I was looking at some flash tunes online, and the companies selling the tunes also want you to buy a branded OBD2 to USB cable (at higher price than generic). are they just tacking on extras or are there chips in these branded cables that only allow them to work with their specific software?

I'm also assuming it's not possible to look and compare these re-flash files as they use their own software? I'm very new so I was looking to look at a tune and compare it to stock etc

Most of the commercial reflash packages I deal with have proprietary cables and you won't be able to use a generic cable. I can't say that goes for every system though. Is there a specific software you're considering?

I'm not quite sure i understand your second question. If you're buying an off the shelf tune then often these will be locked down so that you can't actually see the tune data in the file to protect the IP of the company doing the tuning.

Thanks for the reply.

I was looking at trifecta performance and after a bit more research they do infact use their own ez-flash software and cable.

as for actual seeing the tune data, I though that might be the case.