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calculating injector dead time using oscilloscope?

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Would it be possible to use a set voltage and pulse generator hooked up to a injector in question and then use an amp clamp to analyze the wave form to see the exact moment the injector starts to flow and use that measurement form the time the circuit is energized to the time the injector opens as the dead time/ offset in milliseconds or microseconds etc...?

I'm sure tons of people run into kids with their pieced together junk wanting a tune with some aftermarket injectors form ebay that they have no information on and being such an important starting point in tuning it would be great to get a handle on it before doing the whole tune then having to re do it for free and looking like a fool for not getting it right the first time.

No, that only tells you when the coil is saturated and when the field collapses, it doesn't give you any info on the pintle position or fuel flow. You also need the exact same driver circuit as the final ecu will use as the deadtimes are significantly affected by the clamp voltage during closing.

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