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Hi All,

In this module (efi-tuning-fundamentals/how-the-ecu-works-calculating-injector-pulse-width) we calculated the injector pulse width for a 350 cubic inch engine at 6000 RPM with 60lb/hr injectors. For these calculations we calculated the mass airflow assuming standard conditions of 14.7 PSI and 519R. In this example would our 14.7 PSI represented a naturally aspirated engine running at WOT at 6000 RPM? Does the 519R temperature represent air intake temperature in the example and not outside air temperature?

I haven't gotten far enough in the courses yet, but am I correct in assuming that we can use these calculations to fill out our base fuel map assuming the fueling strategy is using MAF or MAP where the load cells are based on air flow mass?



The air pressure and temp represent 'standard conditions'. In this case we're assuming that is what the engine is seeing so yes, a naturally aspirated engine and the air temp represents the air temp entering the cylinder. Not perhaps very realistic but this is just a simple demonstration.