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Calculating Injector Pulse Width

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Given. Engine 1jz gte 6 cylinders. Injector 980 cc 94 lb/hr. 750 rpm. The cycle is 160 milliseconds . Desired mixture 14.7 . The result is the working time of the mold is 28 milliseconds at 750 rpm. At 2000 rpm, the nozzle time is 9.7 milliseconds. How is it? Usually , as the speed increases , the time should increase and it decreases .

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Your question is not all that clear to me but I just had a quick look at your picture and there is one significant mistake in there - 1.79% x 160ms is 2.8ms, not 28ms.

But even 2.8ms PW sounds too large to me, for 980cc injector on a 400cc cyl, I would expect PW at idle to be probably less than 1ms. Are you taking MAP and VE into account? I dont use US units very often so none of your calculations and constants look very familiar to me.

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