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Calculating Rotary Engine Cycle

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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How do you calculate the Cycles per minute with a rotary engine?

The rotors rotate at 1/3 the E-shaft speed but have one stage of the cycle happening at all times per rotor. That means 4 combustion strokes per rotor for every 720° instead of 1 combustion in the case of a piston engine.

Am i over thinking it?

With a rotary engine you have 3 combustion events per complete rotation of the rotor, however the rotor spins at 1/3 eccentric shaft speed so effectively you have one combustion event per engine revolution (360 degrees) compared to 720 degrees in a 4 stroke piston engine.

In this case the number of engine cycles per minute is the same as the engine speed in revolutions per minute.

Thanks for that.

Thats much easier to work out lol

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