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I have purchased the EFI Fundamentals course and you mention that you do not talk about camshaft design or understanding how to improve your camshafts. Do you do this in another course?

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You might want to read David Vizard's book How to build horsepower with great explanation on camshafts...

That's kinda outside the course syllabus and description, so I would doubt it at this point.

However, it is a rather complex topic, depending how deep you wish to go into it, especially with rocker/finger/variable lift, and variable duration valve trains.

Rather than redesign the mousetrap, it may be more appropriate to understand why different profiles are available for different applications - or is that the basis of your enquiry? For the lay person, and I include myself there, it may be best to just consider what your particular application is/is going to finally be, and select the one that best fits from a reputable supplier - they will have the resources to design and test those designs.