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Honda B18C GSR motor

If my data log is showing the following for IAT in each gear.

AFR between 0.87 - 0.90

IAT / gear

1st - 107 F

2nd - 93 F

3rd - 76 F

4th - 63 F

For a full throttle 1/4 mile drag run NA application.

28 degrees Timing for all gears at the moment.

Would it be possible to safely advance more timing in 3rd and 4th gear?

Thank you

It looks like what you're seeing is the sensor starts the run heat soaked from sitting in the staging lanes. That may or may not reflect the actual air temperature. Some IAT sensors aren't particularly quick to respond.

Also keep in mind while high intake air temperatures may make knock more likely, low intake temps can mean higher charge density which may result in higher combustion pressure without adding additional timing advance.

Ideally you'd test the car at various IATs on the dyno while monitoring torque output, and knock, and dial in the IAT ignition compensation based on what you find there.

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