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Correcting AFR using VE or MAF Scalling and MAP Based Load Calcs

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Hi, I have a Question Here. First thanks to Andre Simon because im learning more than i expected on The Tuning Courses and Mike from COBB for his assistance on my questions.

Im confused about this:

-COBB Tuning Says that doing Hybrid Calibration on Evo X,First we have to use the Toggles sections to disable MAP to Adjust the MAF Sensor Scaling table until the values result in an AFR within +/- 2% of your target AFR and your idle, and cruise STFT/LTFT are within +/- 3% and Then we will use the Toggles sections to disable MAF and adjust the MAP Based Load Calc (Upper/Lower/Comp Blend) tables until the values result in an AFR within +/- 2% of your commanded AFR and your idle, and cruise STFT/LTFT are within +/- 3%.

So after doing this, Do the VE adjustments are needed too???

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I've run this past Mike from Cobb as I don't have any real experience on the EVO X using a stock ECU. Essentially it seems that Mitsubishi are using the VE table as a fudge factor of sorts since the table is very flat with values in the order of something like 94-104. Most tuners don't touch it and just use the MAP based load comps. If you get all that sorted and still need slight adjustments you could address the VE table but it shouldn't be necessary.

nice Andre, thanks for your help. Although you dont have experience on EVO X, you answered my question. Cobb Accestuner Software has A Description on VE Table that specifies to Adjust it only MAP and MAF Scalling methods have been exhausted.

For MAF Calcs, the Subaru WRX- COBB worked example is excellent.

Ill Use the MAP Based Load Calcs, is there any worked example with MAP based load comps???

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Lol, now i dont know how to Calibrate MAP Based Load Calcs....id like to know if there is any worked example or if somebody from COBB can help.

Disable the MAF and then log your AFR, Target AFR, MAP and RPM and you can build an error histogram in MLVHD that you can use for correcting the MAP based load calcs.

Thank You so much Andre.Simon for your time posting a reply.

And sorry about my Intensity on this Thread. Although Evo X has Also VE tables COBB says its the last resource we will need to adjust for Tuning on this car.

I think ill need also to Tune VE, Because i have Bigger CamShafts.

Ill let you know about the results.

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