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Correcting your AFR

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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From what I understand, I have to adjust my VE table to make sure my measured lambda is as close to my target AFR value for that particular cell? How I the target lambda table set?

What is going on mechanically when I adjust the cells in my VE table?

What does Andre mean when he says "make sure that we are as close to central in the particular cell we are adjusting as possible"? What does he mean by central?

At the 8 minute mark, when he adjusts the VE, would the same results be achieved if he were to add 10% more fuel on the corresponding cell in the fuel table?

How come the surrounding cells do not change or try to readjust the cell he is modifying back to the original value?

Do you open the throttle using the gas pedal or are you able to lock in that particular throttle position simply by clicking on a particular cell?

As I've suggested in a reply to one of your other threads, I think you'll benefit from watching some of the worked examples on VE-based ECUs to get a more thorough understanding of how this all works. I'll answer your questions in order:

1. Nothing is going on mechanically. You're simply adjusting the VE table number until it matches the actual VE of the engine (which you'll know when the AFR matches the target).

2. If you aren't operating in the centre of the cell you're tuning then the ECU will be interpolating from the surrounding cells and your results won't be accurate. If the cell is 3000 rpm and 50 kPa then you should be as close to those numbers as you can get, not 3200 and 55 kPa for example.

3. That's exactly what I did - I used the calculator to add 10% to the existing cell value.

4. The ECU doesn't make changes to the VE table values. That is the tuners job.

5. You use the throttle pedal.

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