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Do I need a knock sensor for this engine?

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I'm going to tune a Yamaha R6 RJ05 engine for a Formula Student car and I'm wondering weather I will need a knock sensor. The rules require a restrictor with 20mm in diameter which will result in approximately 85bhp; the engine makes around 120bhp stock. In addition to that we will be using 98ron (German super plus) instead of 95ron (German super) which the manufacturer recommends and the compression ratio is 12.4.

So my guess is that knock is very unlikely to occur before mbt, but I'm not sure.

Edit: We will be using the DTA fast S60 Pro ECU

Does it have a knock sensor from the factory? Looking it up on Wikipedia, it makes peak power at something like 12,000 rpm. In my mind, such high rpm would be too noisy for a good knock reading. If it has a knock sensor from the factory it probably does not work at such high rpm.

No, it does not have any knock sensor

It's common for high rpm motorcycle engines to not have knock sensors from the factory. I still personally prefer to add a knock sensor for the purposes of tuning.

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