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Would it be possible to manipulate the cycle time for half (50%) during staging in anticipation of a sudden extreme manifold pressure difference, thereby overcoming the lean condition? Thereafter the cycle returns within the stipulated time-factor (whatever it may be in milliseconds perhaps) for the 1/4 mile. The ECU would take-up the slack for varying AFR (ignition advance) but it would not be able to control the fuel puddle within the manifold. i.e. Faster or more frequent initial sprays from the injectors for the launch.

If I understand your question correctly, this will depend on the ECU and what control you have. I'm assuming here you're talking about a momentary lean region during injector staging due to the fuel film in the inlet? If so then most ECUs will have some level of control for additional enrichment to overcome this during the staging process. If I've missed your point please feel free to clarify.