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EMU Black - Idle control

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Hello All!

Finally got dyno tuned and car's running great, but due to state law, tuner couldn't do street tuning and have some minor idling and street drive-ability issues that need to be addressed.

First, after cold start, rpm doesn't settle down below 1000 after few seconds and keeps running at 1500~2000 until car is fully warmed up. Fully warmed up as in driving the car for over 20~30 minutes. So I looked up Idle target graph and it seems its set pretty high at 1500 for too long. Would changing the target rpm on the graph below help to lower idle rpm? What rpm would you recommend for different CLT temp?

Second, PID Control is NOT enable by tuner, but Ignition control is enabled, so I'm assuming the Idle target rpm table is active for ECU to use. Should I still enable PID Control, too?

Third, response is not linear/smooth while driving on the street. At around 2~4000 rpm, car accelerates suddenly even with slight gas. It's not too bad but annoying at times, especially when car's not fully warmed up. Above 4000 rpm response seems little too slow and rev matching is not easy having to give more gas than before. Where on ECUMaster program can I look to play and make it smoother?

Fourth, EMU Black makes high pitched noise after engine shut off for very long time. Is this normal?

TIA for all the help and plz let me know if you need to see more tune setting, I'll upload.

Hello I would save the tune that is there now and then alter the table you show above to start at a more suitable rpm generally i would set it to an rpm for that engine temp that is suited to the mods done to the engine lets say a standard type engine I would expect to see 1150 at -5 - 40 deg c

then tapering interpolate down to the realistic idle speed of say 850rpm from 70 deg to 100 deg then stepped up slightly at 105 to about 1000

the increase there would be just so I can hear the change and possibly alert me to it getting hot the rest of the settings you should be able to get a pretty good idea from some of there base maps i would think

Regards Ross Honnor

@Ross Honnor Thank you!

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