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Making the right fuel injector selection. Other than peak HP ratings of an injector, what else is there to go by when making a select lb/hr injector? Also if one were to purchase a much higher flowing injector than needed, can they simply be set to run lean enough in the tune for fuel conservation and proper operation?

You ideally want injectors supplied in flow matched sets with characterisation data (injector latency vs battery voltage vs fuel pressure). Injector Dynamics is the Gold standard, some other suppliers do provide data and matched sets or flow variance data on the set.

You should still be able to get a decent idle quality with quite large injectors but you really need to look at the injector specific data and your cylinder displacement, fuel type, cam behaviour etc. People going for very high specific output with AI or alcohol fuels still typically run a second stage of injection to get a controllable idle which still achieving desired total delivery.

Ok, yeah i didnt have any data to go along with the injectors i got. I just went off of what other people in similar situations and builds in mind were doing. For reference I am working on an LS1 (346ci) which comes factory with 22-28 LB injectors depending on who you ask. Im going with a top end kit that will provide me with 500 fwhp, this in mind i bought some 42LB injectors. Id seen 36-42 was most commonly chosen so I just went with it i guess.

You shouldn't have any problems with that at all, most jap turbo and rotary setups which are serious are 2-4 times the injector flow per cylinder. There will undoubtedly be someone with at least a good starting point for a latency table for them if others are using them.