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Hey guys, Dwayne here. I have just built a 2jzgte single turbo. Fitted with 850cc injectors, high flow intake manifold and 80mm TB. I am using the Haltech P2000 sport for the 2jzgte. So far the base map I got started it up fine ,now comes the fine tuning. Questions are would like any help or info in doing it as this is my first time tuning, and what to look for?

It sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for either our Practical Dyno Tuning or Practical Road Tuning course. These courses take you through a step by step process of tuning an engine from scratch on either a dyno or the road. In particular we teach a 10 step process that ensures you approach your tuning in the right way and don't miss any critical steps. The 10 steps we teach are:

1. ECU Configuration

2. Input and Output Setup and Testing

3. Trigger Setup

4. Base Table Configuration

5. Setting Base Timing and Fuel Pressure

6. Initial Startup Tuning

7. Steady State Tuning - Fuel

8. Steady State Tuning - Ignition

9. Full Power Tuning

10. Confirming Your Tune

You can find out more about these courses here: or