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Road Tuning


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While the dyno is the best place to tune your car, it might not always be possible or financially viable to do so. Some cities have no local dyno so unless you are prepared to travel some distance, access to a dyno may simply be impossible. In these cases tuning your car on the road is your only option, and this course will show you how to achieve results that can often match those achieved on a dyno.

Road tuning is an important tool for any tuner to have in his or her skill set, and even with access to a dyno, we still recommend that every tune is checked and confirmed on the road. Our road tuning course will give you the necessary skills to tune any engine from start to finish on the road. In particular you will learn:

  • How to configure your ECU to suit the engine
  • What numbers to put in the fuel and ignition tables before you start
  • How to get your engine running for the first time
  • Driving techniques to accurately control and adjust engine load and rpm on the road
  • How to tune the fuel map in steady state
  • How to optimise the ignition table
  • How to use datalogging to aid your tuning

Our tutor Andre started his career with no local dyno and spent many years developing his own techniques to get the best results from road tuning. This course lets you come up to speed quickly, benefiting from his 15 years of tuning experience.

After completing this course you will have the confidence and specialist skills required to properly calibrate your ECU on the road, but more importantly you will also learn HPA’s '10 Step Process’ which will take you through a tuning job from start to finish, ensuring you don’t miss any critical stages.

This course assumes an understanding of EFI tuning fundamentals, if you are new to tuning, we recommend you start with our EFI Tuning Fundamentals course before starting this course.

What you will learn
  • HPA's '10 Step Process’
  • How to use Data Logging
  • Start Up Fuel and Ignition Maps
  • How to get your engine running
  • Road Tuning Driving Techniques
  • How to optimise the Fuel and Ignition

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