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Can tell me what you recommend lap top ,associated , gear and program I need to acquire for using on my car running reflashed standard computer by commodore v8


In my opinion, if it will be used only for this purpose, in garage, it should be something from business series laptops, like IBM Thinkpad / HP probook series or similar, with SSD ofcourse. Everything else depends on your specific needs.

You really do not need a top of the range laptop for tuning. Rather look for one that is more sturdy or has a ruggerdized outside. A old unit with windows 7 will also be fine, like a fujitsu laptop. Mine is more than 7 seven old and still works perfectly.

It would be nice if you could get a car charger for the laptop. My unit has two batteries so it has more useful life.

I would also recommend a wide band and a knock detection kit. I have a link unit.

The laptop are very likely to be damaged when using them in the garage so a reasonably priced unit would be better.

Can't go wrong with an XPS 13 in my opinion. I beat the crap out of mine at the track and haven't found one that Id like to replace it with.