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EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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I'm real worried here.. im not fully understanding much of this.. it kinda just jumped into things without first showing what everything is and how to navigate and use features..

Hello have you done the introduction courses they may help you start a out learning a little easier

If you're having trouble following some of the tutorials, best thing would be to start at the start of each course - even if you already know a lot on the subject, there will be things you didn't know, things you forget, and things that will set you thinking.

Probably worth starting here https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/bare-minimum-tuning-knowledge/understanding-fuel-tuning

This is the first video in the section for EFI, it is the bare minimum course and will take you from the very basics upwards. Well worth a watch just to get into the grove of listening and learning

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