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Help with Inverse operation in wave forms

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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I don’t understand converting cycle time to frequency I am doing well so far tons of info in each video but I’m stuck on this one. So 5/1000 = 0.005 inverse is 1/0.005 =200Hz. Why are we using 1 is it because of from millisecond to 1 second? Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance and stay safe

frequency is the number of times something happens per second (pulse frequency - the number of pulses per second), the units for frequency is Hertz (hz).

The period of a waveform is the the time required for one complete cycle. To convert from something measured in Seconds to something that is N per second, you simply take the inverse (i.e. divide it into 1). So a period of 5 ms (0.005 seconds), has a frequency of 1 / 0.005 or 200 hz. You can convert back too 1 / 200 hz = 0.005 sec

^^^ Perfect!

Ok so “N” means? Can you give an example sorry. And I understand if dividing into 1 is to inverse something.

N is the number of periods, but it's the generic form -- so it could be the number of revolutions, or the number of sparks, number of flashes, etc.

Sometime "x" is used instead.

But generally N is used for SI terms.