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Help with Motec M8 Software Update

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Hello Team,

I am trying to upgrade the software on our Motec M8 from V5.46 to 6.05F to allow us to use the Motec MDD that I just acquired.

Can anyone disclose a way to have our old Motec M8 upgraded on software (ours has the typical connectors, not the mil-spec) without buying the Motec Software Upgrade Unit (MOTEC SUU- #63008)?

We are on a shoe-string budget as it is, and I just can't see that there is much inside of the Motec SUU that would justify the $250 cost for this tiny piece of DB9 in-line adapter, and the likelihood that this will only be used by us one time, ever.

I have several DB9 adapter shells with male to female ends, and some cable already, as I have been making some nice ECU communication cables for the Motec units already, so I can make one if I know what does what on which pin.

Thanks in advance for the help and kindness!

Why don't you send it to MoTeC USA and have them do the update?

Thanks David, that Is a good idea that I have also considered but not yet asked.

On the other hand, I also like being able to do these types of things myself, especially if I have to go back to an older software for some reason.

MoTec staff have always been very friendly and helpful over the phone and emails, but I also understand they probably aren’t super eager to help out with a unit that they consider antiquated..... and over 20+ years old.

I wish we could afford a newer M1-series unit, but it has never been in the cards for us with the small amount of funds that we have been able to gather slowly for this project over 20 years.

If You only knew.....

Software updates are fairly rare, and you'll likely never need to do another one :) I would offer to do it for you, but not sure I can find my SUU.

Thank You Sir.

I see what You mean.

If you were willing and able to find your SUU, that would be awesome. Perhaps I could either buy it from You or pay you for a short term loan of it.

I am worried that mailing the ecu might mean that it gets lost or damaged in shipping.

I haven't seen mine in probably 10 years. I've only used it once in 20 years of doing Motec work. Seriously, send it in, where someone that has done this can do it quickly for you. If you're truly worried about losing it (I think that is an unreasonable fear), then insure it for the cost of an M1/GP Lite (~$1800) -- maybe you'll get lucky and it will get lost.

Thanks David, I have sent Simon W. at Motec an email about this to see what he thinks. I asked if Motec can/will update the software on our M8 unit.

I still prefer to use an SUU, just so I can do it myself, but, that is my stubborn independence kicking in.

If you do find your SUU, I would really like it if you would sell it. ;-)

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