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ignition timing via road tuning

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Hey all! This is my first post too the thread. I assume like many of you guys starting out, i am not fortunate enough to have access to a dyno quite yet. What strategies would i utilize to tune a ignition table via road tuning? Im assuming a nice headset and listen for the point that it starts knocking but i could be wayyyyy off. Thanks for the replies!

Use the stock ignition map to drive to a dyno. Measuring torque (which you need to to) to achieve MBT requires the proper tool -- a dyno. Where are you located, google can help you find a dyno near you. Asking around at car clubs, coffee and cars events may also turn up a chassis dyno you can use.

Hi Gabriel thats pretty much the thing to do but checking known maps is a great start too we have a great coarse on ignition timing also