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Ignition Trigger Voltage

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I'm trying to get my rally car with a 2.5L Duratec/MZR engine switched over to a Haltech Elite 750, so I have been researching switching from the 2 wire COPs that come with the 2015 fusion where this engine is from to a 3 wire COP from the Mazda cars that run this engine. I'm having difficulty finding info on what voltage level is used to trigger the coil. From what I can tell a 5v level is most common.

But, I can't find where the voltage level of the Haltech Elite 750 is mentioned. Does the voltage trigger level not really matter then? I don't want to ruin my coils by driving them with 12v when they need 5v.

Is this the wrong forum for this question?

I'm pretty sure it's just a logic level signal (like 20 mA current), and it should tolerate 12v. I run OEM coils on my MZR race engines, I'll see what the voltage is on my setup -- I believe I'll find 12v.

Okay, thanks a lot!