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Hello there

WOT: is it good idea to tune until you hear knock and retard 2 degrees?

Part throttle: Since we are not going to run MBT on low part/ high part throttle what are the targets for ignition?

Also a lot of advance in the deceleration area of the map will result in exhaust popping?

Why not run MBT at part throttle? That's where best torque is for that load point, so I would have thought that you're getting the best mechanical efficiency (in terms of where peak cylinder pressure occurs) and hence fuel consumption there too, yeah?

I'll just second what Matt said, why wouldn't you be aiming for MBT at part throttle points?

You've hit on the key limitation of road tuning in your initial post though, as you don't have any feedback on the actual torque the engine is producing, you can't know when you've really hit MBT. At certain engine load points, it can be possible to advance timing far beyond MBT before any knock is encountered... This is where a little bit of experience comes in, and keeping an eye on your ignition table, that the shape of it remains reasonably smooth.

Thank you guys, sorry for the late answer. Helped me alot.