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Knock detection

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Hi guys,

tunning an engine through reflashing or through an aftermarket ecu with built in knock detection, meaning that the ecu already uses the onboard knock sensors, makes me confused thinking where you would bring the additional knock sensors for the headset.

Also with an AFR Digital Meter (ex. Innovate), does it mean that you have to drill the exhaust and put the Lambdas in the right spot for the tuning process? Or is it possible to attach the lambda to the end of the exhaust pipe if not having a catalyst

You can mount two knock sensors on top of each other using a longer bolt. Works fine.

Innovate make a tailpipe clamp that is used for temporary installation. I find that I need to safety wire this in place so it doesn't fall out. It works well when there is sufficient exhaust flow (say 2500 RPM+). Usually, it's not very good for idle operation.

is there a latency having such long travel for the exhaust gases?

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