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Knock Sensor Signal Splitter

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I have heard numerous tuners say that they have had to get "creative" when mounting a knock sensor for dyno to allow for audio knock detection through a knock detection device such as Plex. It got me thinking since the knock sensor that is fitted to the engine is typically in the stock location and usually in an ideal position to detect knock, would it be possible to make a small loom that connected to the engine knock sensor, then split so that you can connect the ecu and Plex to the same sensor? Rather than trying to mount an additional sensor in another location?

I am not a wiring expert so I guess I'm just curious if this would even be possible. Granted the ecu would need to be setup to accept the same style sensor as whatever knock detection unit you are using but if possible this would eliminate the need to get "creative" with sensor location and could simply connect the small loom to allow both ecu and knock detection unit to utilize the same sensor.

I don't know about that but how about a mechanical solution as a mount that goes to the original location having surface to mount two sensors.

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