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hi guys

I'm running a link g4+ trying to work everything out before I start playing with things could some one tell me what the numbers in the fuel table mean in abit more detail


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Have you looked in the Help-> Contents -- search for "Fuel Tuning Procedure" -- that explains the numbers depends on which Fuel Equation Mode you are using. Also look for "Master Fuel" -- this explains how the Fuel Table is used when the Fuel Equation Mode is Traditional.

watched the webinar again and had a look at the help file, what I gather is the numbers are the engines ve?

It depends if you're using modelled or traditional mode for your fuel (you'll find that under 'Fuel - Main'. If you're using modelled fuel then these numbers represent actual engine volumetric efficiency, provided you've entered all the other required information accurately for fuel, engine size, and injector flow. If you're using traditional ,ode then the fuel table is injector pulse width based. The numbers represent the percentage of the master pulse width value (also found in Fuel - Main) at 100 kPa before background compensations are applied. So if you have a master pulse width of 10 ms and you have a number in your fuel table at 100 kPa of 60% then the delivered pulse width will be 6 ms. There is also a background compensation applied for MAP which doubles the fuel delivery when manifold pressure doubles or halves the fuel delivery when MAP halves. In the same example if you were at 200 kPa and had a value of 60% then you'd end up with 12 ms being delivered.