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Link G4+ on Evo 8 dead time and short pulse adder

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So I’ve done fuel pressure on the Y axis and battery voltage on X axis. Now for the short pulse adder the table is only 2d and cant modify that. Do I use my base fuel pressure to set the short pulse? Or do I leave it at 0? Is this a good option for the 1:1 raising fuel pressure with boosted engines, or do I leave it 2D the dead time and let the ecu compensate? Injector are 1700X ID and I used their supplied info for the G4+.

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No one can tell me this?

If you want to use 3D deadtimes you need to use differential fuel pressure on the table axis - not fuel pressure. Provided the regulator keeps the differential pressure reasonably stable then there is probably not much to gain from using the 3D deadtimes.

As for the SPWA data it is in the link Plug & Play datasheet on the ID website:

Yeah that’s what I did and I used the 400kpa data since my base fuel pressure is around 55psi. I’ll just use the 2d table then. Thanks Adam.

Are you using the X2 versions of the ID1700 injectors?

Is there a reason why your base pressure is 55 psi and not 59 psi to match the data? Below is the data from 4 Bar base differential fuel pressure.

Good question I guess since it’s always been there I’ve been too lazy to change it