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I’m installing twin T28 turbos on my 350Z, which is better MAF or MAP

Hello it would depend on what system you are tuning i prefer map my self but i dont think there is any reason why the tune would be any Better or worse in maf

Regards Ross

Maf is absolutely fine and very accurate if tuned property. The only issue with it might be when you install very aggressive camshafts and it disturbs linear air flow in intake system causing MAF to generate inaccurate signals.

If you're not sure, Georg is referring to reversion, sometimes referred to as 'fuel stand off' with carbies, when a mist of fuel can be seen outside the carb. With late closing camshafts is is common for part of the charge in the cylinder to be pushed back into the intake port before the valve closes, and this reverse pulse can be registered at the AMF sensor(s) as air movement - the problem then is that some of the air mass is therefore measured 3 times and the ECU may have problems accurately supplying the correct amount of fuel.Worse, with 'trap door' type meters, the 'door'can start to flutter.

With carbies, the problem is worse, because that air picks up 3 times the fuel as it passes through the venturiis 3 times.

There isn't necessarily a 'best' option and the choice will depend on your tuning solution. If you're reflashing the stock ECU then I'd be inclined to retain the MAF unless you're aiming for high power levels. There are aftermarket MAF cards available from the likes of Uprev that are suited to boost. On the other hand if you're going aftermarket ECU then you'll almost certainly be using a MAP sensor.