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Hello, in this module it was mentioned that if you change anything of the intake system you will need to calibrate the Maf, i would like to know how to know what are the normal values and if modified what are the new normal values. thank you for your time and support.

Typically when you're dealing with a MAF you will be tuning a factory ECU where the MAF sensor and the intake system is calibrated on a flow bench. In this case when everything is 100% stock, the ECU will be able to achieve target AFRs and the closed loop control system will have very little to do. This results in the short term and long term fuel trims being very close to zero. In open loop the measured AFR will match the target AFRs from the fuel map.

When you modify the intake system you can use the fuel trims and/or the error between measured AFR and target AFR to adjust the MAF calibration. This is explained in detail and demonstrated in the Practical reflash tuning course.