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Mainline awd1200 Can to ECU

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Andre can you tell me what usb to can you using for comunication with motec m1, and haltech elite, even with link G4 ecu with the mainline awd1200 dyno.

I have this dyno since 2010... and never ever once use the torque optimisations feature.

So please help me on this. As you know how much i am looking forward for jump in this features.

Is it need a software to be installed on the dyno?

And where we connect and set up with the ecu.. is it through one of the Can output channel. And we set up output as a display dash?

Why don't you contact Mainline to ask about upgrading your dyno with the CAN communications?

I did speak with todd and ordering external device for link , haltech and motec m1.

I juts wondering if this goes the same way. Because the dyno can read data from obd.

But with car installed with standalone. Obd connection is no longer available.

I have the CAN option on my DynaPack (also a separate ODB2 interface) -- for connecting with my M1 installations, I have a variety of Y-connections that go in between the DTMs used for CAN communications. On your M1 86, you would use the LTCD DTM-4 connection, since that is CAN1 where your M1 is transmitting data that the Mainline Dyno could use.

Thanks david what a relieve.. you are so great.

I will try talk with todd also to buy the external device properly. In mean time i will try to connect to obd trhough can

I have Can to OBD2 wire from haltech that goes for obd2 scan purposes. I will try them on my elite 2500 tuned car too.

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