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Mapping revision history

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Out of interest, does anybody keep any documentation tracking revisions they make to a map?

Part of the reason for this is I spent 1.5 todays trying to start an engine after several months fixing stuff. It would NOT restart whereas before it was "on the button"...but would then rev to the 4000RPM limit after a couple of seconds.

Fortunately I had sent myself an email with the changes I thought I needed to make so I could easily revert them. As a result of this it occurred to me there might be some "best practices" people follow regarding map changes.

As I am using an M130 I guess adding something to the comment/notes section would be a start.

I keep all revisions and notes of tunes I'm working on and have completed.

I made the mistake of trying to store everything on clouds and lost months of work for what little I have uploaded, now I just have drives with historical stuff and current stuff on my laptops

I just change the date in the comments field when I make changes to the Package in the vehicles that I work on, then M1 Tune maintains the variants for me. I have the Packages folder backed up in OneDrive as well.

The comments field. If I need to write more than that, I write a text file.

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