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metrics please!!!

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Having all the calculations in imperial units is like going to school for the first time to us in Europe. Since there are imperial and metrics it would be better ta have the videos in metrics as well and let us choose!!

It can be quite confusing, especially as the mteric system is better for so many reasons - I suspect it is because much of the market is sourced from the USoA and they are imperial... well, their version of imperial ;-)

In New Zealand, we've been officially "metric" since 14 December 1976, so you would expect us to be using it as a matter of course, but some things I still think of in imperial...

Hi Olsi, I understand your request and it's been difficult for us to make a decision one way or other however with the US being our largest market, using imperial units for this course made the most sense. However what's important to note is that the units really aren't the key takeaway here. It's the process that's important and regardless whether you're dealing with grams per second or pounds per minute, the underlying process remains the same. The other reason we haven't added metric units to the course is because you will not need to manually make these calculations yourself when tuning an engine. That's all done in the background and we're just trying to get an understanding of what's happening.

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