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Mobil 98 - Pump gas or Iso-Octane?

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Is 98 octane fuel from Mobil classed as pump gas on the 'Stoichiometric air-to-fuel ratios of common fuels' or something else?

Edit: What's the Stoichiometric ratio for Mobil's 98 octane that would result in theoretical perfect combustion.

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Hi Hayden,

With fuels the stoichiometric number changes from fuel to fuel, brand to brand and even batch to batch.

Oem manufacturers will test across all varieties of blends where this number changes; the 14.7 is taken as the general number for a gasoline/petrol fuel.

Producers of the fuels will have data sheets available for their products, I have had a very quick scan to see if I can find one in the public domain for the Mobil fuels but with no luck.

From memory of previous oem fuel testing some 98ron blends can vary from 14.2-14.8, but again 14.7 is widely considered to be the reference number to use.

I hope this helps and if I can find a data sheet I will post it up!

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