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As we go through these lesson I am at my data logger(FAST Bank to Bank) screen next to the module to help me get a better understanding of how to intrepid what i am looking at. This is a turbocharged V6 engine. Listed below are (14) parts i am monitoring would like to know is their some other parameters I should be looking at and/or if their something here I don't need : RPM, A/F (Actual,Target), Battery Voltage, BPW (mS), Fuel#s/hr, Inj. DC %, MAP (kpa), o2 Corr. %, TPS %, Air Temp (*F), Lambda, Coolant (*F), Spark (*BTDC)

Thanks in advance

Without knowing more about the specifics then I can't really guide you much more. The other problem is that not all potential PIDs are available on every ECM - It depends on the specific manufacturer and what they decide to add, along with whether the scanner has the correct data to interpret the parameter. What I would add is that if you have a MAF then MAF Hz/volts is essential to rescale the MAF. You will alos likely find there is a STFT and LTFT parameter and you want to log both to get a proper picture of the accuracy of the fuelling. Lastly if there are any parameters relating to knock then you want to log those too.

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