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Application is a 2002 WRX with EJ20, I have two questions:

1. Which Motec inputs should I use for the magnetic (non-Hall Effect) crankshaft and camshaft position sensors? I am confused whether to use an analog or digital input.

2. I believe the Injector Dynamics injectors I plan to use are saturation (high impedance) injectors. I see two types of injector outputs, "Low Side Injector" and "Peak Hold Injector". Will either of these work or do I use the Low Side Injector output? If I want to use the remaining outputs, can I use either type as a generic digital output (fan relay, et cetera) or are they specific to injector?

Another bonus question: What exactly is a half bridge output?

Thanks so much! Very pleased with the quality of instruction!

Which Motec ECU?

1. A magnetic type sensor (also called reluctor) generates a analog signal. So a analog input would make sense.

1. The Mx00 series would use the Ref input for the Crank position, an the Sync input for the Camshaft position. On the M1 Series, you would use UDig1 for the Crankshaft and typically UDig 2 for the Camshaft (this could depend on the package). Use M1 Tune, and the menu Help->Firmware Wiring..." this will show exactly how the current configuration should be wired.

2. You can wire the ID injectors to either. Normally I would configure the M1 to use the Peak & Hold Injector outputs. You can use the unused injector or ignition outputs as a low-side trigger for an external relay, or other similar device.

Bonus: A half bridge output is an output that can be driven to ground, or to battery voltage. A full bridge output is two half bridge outputs that work as together to drive a pair or wires in both polarities (used for drive-by-wire servo motors).