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N/A idle and cruise

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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When speaking about the idle we learn that on a modified engine its sometimes better to richen the fuel mixture at idle.

In this case, what do we understand in "a modified engine"?

Also in the cruise section you're speaking about possible richer mixture when using agressive cams.

In this case, what do you consider being "an agressive camshaft". Is a stage 1 or drop-in cam also "an agressive cam"?

The is no hard rule, I suspect the context of the comments you are referring to were probably more just to make you aware that not all engines will idle or cruise happily at stoichiometric AFR. You really just give the engine what it wants, if your engine idles smoother at 0.96 Lambda than it does at 1.00 lambda, then don't be worried that something is wrong.

seems legit :)

thanks for the reply

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