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How about when tuning on the road? How can I know what’s the MBT for my car? Or at least close to it?

You can't really determine MBT without a load-bearing dyno to measure the torque.

Have you checked with any of these places in Puerto Rico:


No yeah I understand that part but how do I know what’s a good timing and that I’ve haven’t advance too much if I’m not tuning on a dyno? Dyno center closed and apparently they are reopening don’t know when, Sporty dyno is always packed lol and the one un Anasco is way to far for me. Those are the only options for me as far as awd dynos. Oh and JO alignment but their mustang dyno has a really crappy strapping system they need to fix that.

Well, you can't really find what would be the best timing when tuning on the road.

Some say that using a virtual dyno that is provided with some standalone ECU's work well if you test on similar road/elevation/wind/incline conditions. Maybe you could also use some devices, such as Dragy or similar to measure for example 80-130 km/h pull, of course same gear and conditions. But it is unlikely that you would see great results, also should be time consuming.

If that's a turbocharged car then I would simply find the knock limit and have the assumptions based on these. Of course it's more difficult to achieve if you're not running on pump gas.

Yeah right now I’m running pump gas 93oct. It’s a 2003 Evo 8 with a 6870 turbo so it’s a fairly large turbo for a street car and a 2.0l engine. I just want to do a good idle/cruising map but ignition table for me is hard to understand as far as where to start at? Fuel table is easy though. I have my cruising spot on and idle

I would suggest you to search for "ignition" in the webinar archive, Andre has a few webinars explaining on how to tune mbt on a dyno but you can see some examples there on what numbers you would expect.

I would say 35 degrees at low load and and low rpm will do, decrease gradually to 25 degrees where you still have lambda 1 (low load but up to 3k rpm). Then as you go up to load and boost you would decrease again to 20-15 degrees and finally it's up to you what you need to run on WOT.

Don't take these numbers as a "go for" guide, watch webinars and you will get the whole image on how it should look like.

Wow thanks a lot man

be very careful as you run low octane and big turbo

Yeah I’m not looking to run a lot of boost as for fooling around I might only push 20psi. I plan on running ethanol fuel so either ignite red or blend X98 with C16 VP Fuels. That’s for racing days only.

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