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Non Load Bearing Dyno Tuning

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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i understand that a load bearing dyno can precisely hold engine Load/RPM to accurately tune certain cells in the Map, But can this be replicated on a Standard Dyno Jet without Eddy-current loading. i also understand thatll itll be very difficult to rely on your foot to hold it at certain cells too but my ECU has knock detection and i want to know if i can safely attempt to find MBT on a Non-Loaded Dyno. Can i hold the engine at RPM and Add timing until the Ecu sees knock or the dyno stops showing torque gains the same way as a load bearing dyno ... ?

An inertia dyno (i.e. Dynojet) only measures torque by the rate of acceleration, so there is no way to hold a steady RPM and measure torque.

What you can do, is make many dyno pulls at a fixed throttle position (make a variable pedal stop), and vary the timing and see which makes the most torque, just like you do at wide-open-throttle ramp runs. You don't have to do every cell just a few to determine the trend.