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O2 sensors & min/max limits

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Have been trying to make heads or tails of these values as in tuning it gives a small explanation but that is not clear always in how it affects the ECU decisions.

Have an 06 GTO and the o2 sensors have a min/max setting at Min Rich/Lean 300 & Max Rich/Lean 650 under FUEL>>Oxygen Sensors>> rich/lean vs. Airflow. Are these values also maximums or minimums for the ECU in fueling between banks 1 & 2? Also I have noticed some tunes have static values while others have incrementing ones on the bank1 & 2 of LS series engines. Some have 450 static while others have different values like mine 300 & 650 etc. Any insight on these values and their proper tuning or dialing would be greatly appreciated.

I have lost my original downloaded stock file because of a computer change and the ones I have found online have irregularities that have already messed me up until I learned the hard way and found them. Either way I am wanting to learn this VERY much and so need to know as much as possible and appreciate the time and help you give.

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Hey Benjamin, in short these are switching voltages for the closed loop operation to ensure the AFR swings back and forth across the stoichiometric AFR for proper catalyst operation. To be perfectly honest, in hundreds of GM vehicles that I've tuned over the years I've not once made any adjustments to the min/max values. In your logging you should see the O2 voltage swing rich and lean while in closed loop mode, indicating that the closed loop O2 control is functioning as expected.

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