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Output offset question. EcuMaster

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Hello, My car is a Fiat 500 Abarth 2009 135Hp.

And I bought the black EcuMaster plug and play kit.

I have already configured the Engine TDC with the spot light, the car starts all ok. But my question is in the Outputs ignition module, I have an offset that is numbered 2. And I can't understand what it means. If I set it to 0, the car doesn't work.

I'm attaching the image so you can help me make sure I have everything configured correctly and I marked this number 2. Thank you

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What this does is offset the order by the number in the field. So in your case the order effectively becomes 4-2-1-3, this is for getting the trigger settings correct.

Same order as any other 4 cylinder but just starts in the middle.

At one time the most you could have in the "trigger offset" in ECUmaster was 60*, this was their method of setting timing, actually quite nice for certain applications.

If you have it timed correctly as these settings are then I wouldn't worry about it.

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