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Question about max kpa/mmhg on an na engine

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I have an aftermarket ecu thats has currently a horizontal map axis for ignition map,fuel map,.. of 50-1600mmhg in interval of 50 mmhg.

Since i have a 4age 16v na engine is it correct to say that the max mmhg i will ever see is arround 800mmhg(or 105kpa +-)?

And if yes would it better that i change the axis to 25-800mmhg in intervals of 25mmhg.

Since this will give me more points where the na engine will actually use them?

Yes, re-scaling would be best for the obvious change in application. Andre mentions there isn't a need to have too high a resolution as the ECU will interpolate between cells itself, if there is an area that requires more resolution, such as at idle, then you can add extra rows in there

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