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rotary trigger inputs

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hi i was wondering what the how Rotaries get these inputs as they arent like piston engines?

Since rotary engines do not have a camshaft they can no run a cam/sync pulse.

However, the point of a cam/sync pulse is to let the ecu know where in the 720 degree cycle the engine is.

Since rotary engines complete their engine cycle in 360 degrees. It does not require a signal at half crank speed.

Rotary engines will run 2 triggers/sensors off the eccentric shaft (Crank shaft). One sensor will give engine position in degrees of rotation (same as a crank sensor) and another sensor will give engine position in firing order (same as a cam /sync sensor)

This can be done either via teeth on the front pulley or by a distributor style trigger driven off the eccentric shaft.

It's also easily doable with a single sensor and a missing tooth, the sync pulse (lack thereof) being the missing tooth.