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Running Sequential Injection but Wasted Spark Ignition

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Hello Guys

Just wanted to get opinions as I'm new to tuning etc.

So I get that with Sequential Fuel Injection you can create a smoother and better bottom end of a tune and good Idling etc.

Makes sense to me.

Now I've seen an ECU provider state that their ECU although only having 6 Ignition outputs can operate 8 Injectors by utilising other outputs.

So my question is would there be any disadvantage over a fully sequential Ignition and Injection. Not sure if it's the Injection being sequential or the Ignition being sequential that would create that area where you can create a smooth bottom end.

I'm also not talking about forced induction. I'm also aware of being able to tune each cylinder with fully sequential etc.

Trying to figure out if this type of setup on a V8 would be a worthwhile option. Going wasted Spark and Sequential Injection.

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

If you can reach your peak dwell required and not go into crazy duty cycles I've never seen an issue.

Did work out on a 4age you needed to be above around 9,000RPM before you starting running into dwell issues on wasted spark (Valeo coil pack). Unless you have a Nascar engine, can't see running into the issue.

Waste spark is an effective option if you can dwell the coils sufficiently. It's normally only a limitation if you're running very high engine speeds. Sequential injection on the other hand is much more important in my opinion.

Thanks for the responses guys.

I did have a feeling that it would be the case that having Fully sequential injection and wasted spark would be a relatively easy thing to work around.

That opens options for this ECU.

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