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Steady state dyno needed?

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I found the process of determining the correct AFR to be very logical, but it would seem that a steady state dyno that can maintain a certain RPM is necessary. Can this be done without one?

A dyno is the right tool to measure torque/power, so you certainly need one. A steady-state dyno makes the job much easier, but with time and patience you can do quite a bit with an inertia dyno. Where are you located? We can probably help you find a dyno in your area.

I'm in Woodstock IL, about 50 miles NW of Chicago.

How about this place over near Rockford -- they have an eddy current dynojet that can do steady-state:


9910 North Alpine Road • Machesney Park, Illinois

This guys located in Hampshire (can't tell about his dyno, call to ask):


This one is in Antioch, seems like they have the expertise to help you or rent time on the dyno:


Thanks David! Those are all close to me.

ive not been to a tuner or dyno before, I’ve just been figuring it all out on my own. Can you do your own tuning on their dyno, or do they usually do it? Is it two separate charges foe dyno time and paying a tuner?

I’d really like to have someone familiar with MS3 use my laptop to tune my car and explain what they’re doing; is this reasonable Scenario, or a fantasy?

It tends to vary on each shop as well as customer. In theory if someone were to drop by my space and introduce themselves, express an interest, show they were pretty competent (or were receptive to being taught), and last but not least give me the feeling that they were going to treat my gear/space as well as their own respectfully then I wouldn't have a problem strapping their chassis to my hubs and letting them go to town, within reason. However, I'd say of the people that have wanted/want me to do some dyno work for them only about 5% at MAX fall into that category.

So I guess I'd say just drop by and introduce yourself, see where it goes. Hopefully you'll find a good fit that will let you do what you need to do and have a way of limiting their liability so nobody is stressed and everyone walks away happy.

Dennis, the DynoSource place indicates they are familiar with megasquirt, I would give them a call first. I'm sure you can work out an arrangement that is fair.

You guys are outstanding! Thanks so much for the advice!

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