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table resolution sights per graph

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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hello i was curious you stated the more sights means more work for the tuner. but wouldnt you get a more precise tune by using more sights? i looks like to me where the graph with more sights you could change the values at like say 3k rpm. where on the 4 sights graph you cant really pin point where the difference is starting. just trying to clarify this in my head thanks

Good ECU's allow you to add sites (this is the correct spelling) where the values are changing rapidly and need more detail. For example, it's often really nice to have an RPM site on the target idle RPM, so when idling you are in the middle of the cell (RPM wise), and i would make a load site (TPS, MAP or MAF) at the typical idle value as well.

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