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Thanks a lot !!!

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Thanks a lot for these videos, i'm in chiptuning for 8 years and i'm still learning a lot from these videos, doing principally diesel for 8 years but now i have a dyno and will be easier to tune Benzine ;-) !!

I made an excel sheet to calculate Airflow on my project car, and made some logs, and it's pretty nice :D

From your calculations and my logs, from 2750rpm to 6000rpm, i have a correction factor from my log to my maths of +/- 0.985 -> 1.020 witch is pretty nice xD

Now i'm making my fuel map from my calculation ;-) Will let you know the results once put into car :)

Thanks for these courses !! I pretty like them, even if i loved them more with subtitles xD (french speaker ;-))

If i can upload my Excel sheet, i can show you xD :)

Greetz from Italy (holiday) and from Belgium xD


Hi All,

Does it look ok ?

I calculated my PW Value for my car at full throttle with new 66lb/hour injectors.

I tuned my Idle values as low as i can for these injectors (seems that i can't go lower than 0.452ms witch his +/- 13.0 AFR at idle, should be ok? no risk to wash cylinders walls or dilute my oil ? :))

Can i now interpolate the values between my idles values (< 125mg/str load) and my full load values and be safe to get the car driving ? or is it better to calculate also ?

I fitted an AEM X-Serie AFR Gauge to it, also a aeromotive FPR adjusted @ 43psi witch his the flow my injectors are rated :)

I joined part of my fuel map with the changes from my calculation with real world value (theorical versus real is not far ;p)

Thanks for your help !


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13.0:1 is unlikely to cause any long term issues but it's obviously not ideal. There may be a hard coded limit for minimum pulse width or it may be an adjustable parameter you can use to go lower than that. I'm not 100% sure exactly what you're trying to do or what feedback you are asking for? All I can say is that it would be very unlikely that the engine will want the same pulse width at a given load as the rpm changes. This would indicate the engine has a flat or fixed VE which isn't realistic.