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Hello guys i will start this conversation about me but its gonna be helpful for every one who’s gonna start in the tuning industry.

So im gonna make it simple what are the best options out there to get ready to start practising and see results like what ecu should i start first standalone or OE REFLASH what tools should i buy as a beginner cause there are a LOT of helpful tools out there that make your work easy and way better but they’re expensive too??!!

I don't have any specific recommendations, but something that may help your choice.

Give some serious thought for exactly what vehicles you are expecting to work on, find out what you can about their interface(s), their ECU makes and models, what you will need, what you don't need, and what it would be nice to have - it would be easier for you if you make those written lists you can refer back to.

When you've a good idea of what you are looking from from the device, you can see what meets your requirements - I would recommend you don't compromise for a cheaper unit, as something you buy that doesn't do what you want will be one of the most expensive purchases you can make.

Thank you for your answer uuumm look im gonna purchase a car 2000+(year) that is gonna be low on cc capacity such as 1.2 up to 1.6 and with low horsepower just to be more confident if i make any mistake the engine will be more forgiving

Anyway i wont do anything for cheap ill buy good quality tools like wideband meter,timing light etc Im thinking to start straight from a standalone ecu and put down many hours of reading and understanding everything in there!!


Forgot, as you're in Greece you may be a bit limited in what you can import (not sure if the financial problems from a few years ago still apply), but it may also be worth talking to some of the other (friendly) tuners in your area to see it they have any recommendations or warnings. Some manufacturers will sell their product outright, some will sell they product but require yearly licencing fees to use their product, some will be complete while others may need numerous additional purchases for different vehicles, etc. I understand there are some VERY well put together Greek vehicles, so checking out the various motorsport related forums may also be worth-while.

If you're really fortunate, you may have some people in your area who will let you sit in on tuning sessions, maybe even allow you to try their tuning software out, and so help you decide.

Thats a good point there mate, but also greece nowadays doesnt have issues with products from europe even america australia etc but yeah this are some good tips thank you sir but i hope we gonna discuss this when i’ll have finished either Standalone ecu tuning and road tuning courses i got them both cause im tryna go further than just having the knowledge i wanna become an excellent one so im trying really hard on learning EVERYTHING!!! Thanks anyways have a good one