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dear sir

can you send me photos of the Tools of the Trade

i use these on my project.both are resonable in price and work well

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Thanks bro

I've been searching for a decent priced wide band kit to use to street tune different vehicles and a knock sensor kit as well for a decent price. I'm in the USA and having a hard time finding these 2 items if anybody could please give me a hand.


Innovate motorsports, the LM2 kit and make sure you get it with cables and LSU4.9 sensors, they default the sales with 4.2 which have reliability issues at prolonged overly rich AFRs. They are an American company so should be readily available especially online.

For knock personally I use the Phormula KS4 Pro kit, if I knew the prices before buying I'd have went for the Plex kit, they end up about the same price and are available online, Phormula are a UK company and Plex are in Greece.

Link have also just re-entered the knock monitoring market with a new knock block, it's audio only though. I used their last one and it was a great piece of kit.

If your street tuning you want hardy, reliable and recordable equipment, the term buy cheap buy twice doesn't apply here, it's more buy cheap and buy a new engine.

Would you be able to send me links to the products from a reliable source to purchase them?


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