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Translation problem

EFI Tuning Fundamentals

Relevant Module: Fundamental Engine Principles > Engine Principles > Volumetric Efficiency

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04:51 In this case the volume equals the bore area multiplied by stroke which is 12.57 multiplied by four.

Hello, I’m interested in multiplying by four at the end of the message, what exactly does this number four mean. What does it refer to and where exactly does the number four come from?

Without context, 4 cylinder engine?

That would be my guess without context as well, but please let us know what you're referring to Alucard.

An eight-cylinder engine was taken as an example, in this

04:51 In this case, the volume is equal to the area of the hole times the stroke, which is equal to 12.57 times (four)

What does this number mean or what is the main question? Four inches or what? I want to make a formula for the metric system for myself so that I can take this formula of yours into account in the future

Alucard its name anime , good anime. The Dracula in reverse

I think it's four cylinder volumes per revolution in a 4-stroke 8 cylinder engine.

If you would provide a link to the specific clip you're referring to, it would help.

With the context given, I would agree with David - it would be the nominal/theoretical intake volume for one revolution.

I originally wrote my question under the video, apparently the site was not completed so that it would automatically work, I didn’t know that I still needed to insert a link


OK, I watched the video you linked. The 12.57 is the bore area, and the stroke of the engine (how much the piston moves within the bore) is 4.0 inches.

He then multiplies this times the number of cylinders to determine the total volume of the engine which is about 402 cubic inches.

Thank you

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