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So my 03 dodge Dakota is sequencail port injection v6 if i was to swap a v8 thats the same as my v6 engine their identical engines just two more cylinders my jtec v6 pcm should run the v8 if i ran wires to the pcm injector drivers for cylinders 7& 8 or is there more to it?

Yes, the code running in the PCM would need to know about the number of cylinders (since not only is the number of sparks per revolution different, but the crank angle spacing is different as well). I have no idea if the PCM could be flashed to a version that runs the V8, or if a different PCM would be required.

If I were doing an engine swap, I would get the engine with wiring harness and PCM. Usually not a problem if you are getting from someplace like LKQ. (a quick check shows the PCM sells for about $130)

Thank you for the reply. Problem with that is they never made 03 dakotas with the 5.2 and i guess on a 03 the head lights run off the pcm unlike the older dakotas with the 5.2