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Is there a benefit to running a higher resolution (more triggers) trigger wheel over a lower resolution one?

Personal Note: Im running a MX5 with the stock 4 trigger wheel and a MS3 Pro PNP. Trying to decide if it is worth changing it to a 36-2.


The 2 main reasons to have a higher resolution trigger is if you have added cam control, or if your ECU has missfire detection capability. Otherwise if the stock arrangement gives a less than desirable result (ie. Mitsubishi 4G63, or nissan 360 slot optical) sometimes it is a good idea to upgrade. If you are looking at upgrading the crank signal, make sure your ECU supports a configuration that works with the cam signal you can supply.

The 2006+ MX5 (MZR engine) uses a 36-2-2 trigger wheel, and a 4+2 cam trigger. So obviously Mazda saw it as an advantage. More teeth allows the ECU to do a better job with ignition timing as the engine accelerates or decelerates quickly. Not a big deal on street driving, but probably worth it if you are autocrossing or road racing.

Thanks for the replies!


My 00 Miata has a camshaft position sensor. The MS3Pro PNP is prewired and configured to work with the stock configuration. I have seen that it also offers an option for the 36-2 wheel for my specific application. Though there are several people who have posted in other forums with issues making it work.


My car's primary purpose is autocross. Some street driving, but it is very limited. So it sounds like it may be worth my time in investigating this topic more, if not trying it.

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